Death Sentence    -   Etienne Ement

Memories of a young woman: when she returns home, she is brutally assaulted by two men. Shattered, she hesitates, then chooses the path of vengeance.


About Arif     -     Deniz Özkan

Arif with Down syndrome has only one purpose in his life: dancing with a woman. But, all of his neighbours know that Arif lives in an imaginary world.


Disembodied     -     William Kersten

The story of a woman possessed by an alien parasite which forces her to commit unnatural acts of cannibalism and potato counting.


STAY     -     Andrés Gallegos

Driven to reconstitute his past, an aging man searches for his most precious memory.


Tuned In     -     Matthew Marshall

Emma, a teenager who disobeys dinner table rules of her parents by having her cell phone at the table gets grounded until she learns to get priorities straight and learn the value of relationships.


Mexican Flamenco     -     Maria Aliaga

Flamenco and Mexico meet.


The D in David   -   Michelle Yi, Yaron Farkash

When the Statue of David is humiliated by the other artworks for being naked, David leaves his podium to escape the museum.

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Flutulus   -   Veaceslav Cebotari

A couple of family retires in a house in the woods for few days in the way to decide on the birth of their child. The husband wants a career, his wife wishes to preserve the life growing in her.  "To be or not to be?" "Everything is in your hands" is the answer to the question. The story is seen through the eyes of the child, now already an old woman.


SKY'S THE LIMIT, The Extreme Painters     -
Jérome Thomas

French documentary featuring extreme graffiti artists  worldwide, performing at monumental heights, with the sky as the only limit.

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In Vacuo   -   Klaas Lageveen

A dog, an kosmonaut and the earth share a fraction of spacetime in an abandoned factory. The film is an interpretation of a short dramatic vacume. Just for a second there is nothing. This is the story of that last second when Kosmonaut Kamarov died  in 1967 as the first man in space.


Karma's Shadow   -   Rob Underhill

John "JW" Walker serves a tour in Vietnam, forging a lifelong bond with fellow soldier, Billy Preston. He discovers love and tragedy: the beautiful, young Vietnamese woman, Lan, fills his dreams, and her young son, Vu, who lifts the weight of war from him. But when a mortar blast removes JW from the fight, he is forced to leave everything behind to a cruel fate.


Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir      -

David Maire

Following the isolated adolescent son of a storied, vintner family who finds himself torn between obeying his father’s callous restrictions and preventing his ailing mother from deteriorating further.





Bubble Bath    -     Kevin Saxby

Jerry's bath time is interrupted when a mysterious stranger calls his home. It gets worse before it gets wetter.

                                        ​​BEST SCREENPLAY

                 The Zombie Effect   -   Roger Sampson

LOGLINE:  First, it makes you sick. Then you die.

Then you get back up and start feeding on the living.

GENRE:  Horror / Thriller, 93 pages

SYNOPSIS:  The coming of the zombie apocalypse.

What causes people to die and reanimate?

Can it be stopped? Will humanity survive?

PREMISE:  Before its too late, a graduate student races against time to find a cure, after discovering a horrific phenomenon that kills & reanimates people.

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ID / Reconocimiento    -    Guadalupe Yepes

A Man and a Woman await. In that awaits a painful past and the imminence of an uncertain future unravels.