make/real     -    Virgil Widrich

A found footage montage about robots in cinema: from our love to their fears, from our creation to their destruction.

A Bitter Lime      -     Max Orter

A young well-off American in building frustration decides to move to the tropical Caribbean paradise of Guyana with his attractive girlfriend not knowing what delights or disaster may come.


Scratch     -     Maninder Chana

A female rookie armoured truck guard is caught between her co-workers' plot to rob their own truck and greedy gangsters desperate to grab the loot.

Dreaming Purple Neon     -     Todd Sheets

A group of trapped survivors must stop the Demon Apocalypse. Fun, action packed, old school Horror with a Modern edge.

PROOF     -     Andrea Baglio

The story talks about a simple employee, Giorgio Parti. One day during his working hours, Giorgio was lured by his busty colleague. He stays faithful to his girlfriend, and decides to denounce the woman for sexual harassment. From this moment on, starts a long legal and psychological ordeal that will cast doubts on private and sexual life of our protagonist.  Inspired by true events.

Blessed Are the Children     -     Chris Moore

Traci Patterson (Kaley Ball), an adrift 20-something who's still reeling from the death of her father and her breakup with an abusive fiancé (Jordan Boyd), discovers that she's pregnant. With the help of her friends, Erin and Mandy (Arian Thigpen, Keni Bounds), she decides to terminate her pregnancy, but quickly, after leaving the clinic,

Women Collection     -     Marzena Więcek

Women depicted in “Women Collection” are subjects of a strange experiment. Eight women of different ages. Love and loneliness. Fear. The vestures that we all wear.  This movie makes you realize that when we choose to live a “half-life” we begin to rot.   

The Middle Finger     -    Séamus Hanly

Dennis, a lonely and frustrated teenager, is reluctantly transformed into a superhero, embedded with the symbol of a hand showing its middle finger, and must awkwardly endure his training and save his world from extinction in this superhero parody.

Oath to Die     -     Noriel Jarito

Northern Samar is one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines. Politicians here are elected into office by means of vote-buying. Most of them are based in Manila and they only come here during election time. They treat the province like it’s their hacienda.

Arkansas Blackbirds     -    Pablo Vergaras

A mechanical failure leaves four teenagers stranded in the darkness of a deserted road. Still disturbed by a recent incident involving the alleged town witch, the teenagers will face the real and imaginary threats that begin to emerge. The sudden disppearance of one of the girls and the unexpected appearances of a series of strange local characters increase the tension of a crucial night in the lives of the travellers.

First Experience     -    Bogdan Topko

The film is based on the theory of transactional analysis developed by American psychiatrist Eric Berne. According to this theory every person has three ego-states: the Parent, Adult, and Child state. These states constantly interact with each other either conflicting or being in harmony.

The Archipelago      -     Benoit Maestre

Martin never wakes up where he falls asleep. Eva meets a man she knew on the internet, a dangerous date. The roamer leaves his life and town and looses himself into the wild. They'll have to deal with the silent warrior that bloods this archipelago.

The Cart     -     Daryl Schmidt,

IATL Productions

When a dilapidated city is overrun by a vicious street gang, an unlikely hero rises to wage war and bring the gang to justice.

Heroyna    -     Claudia Sanchez

King and Queen are robbers, addicts and -above all- lovers. Together they form the center of the universe. After a life of failure and loneliness, they are faced with the opportunity of one last, great crime that could buy their way to freedom. Now, they will stop at nothing in their pursuit of wild, violent euphoria; a paradise where they can be away from the world, alone with each other.

The Proposal     -     Daniel Adritt

Alex wants to propose to his Girlfriend... what could possibly go wrong?

A Real Date      -     Bonnie Harper

Elizabeth is a recent widow who is lost in her work, running a hospital. With no time to date yet tired of attending events alone, she decides to take steps to at least have a male companion for the evening.

Die By The Gun     -     Joey Cassaro

An Epic Low Budget Western Short. Born in Methuen, Massachusetts. Joey Cassaro has been making films, music videos and commercials since he founded Ides of March Pictures in 2007. Joey is a graduate of Five Towns College in Dix Hills, NY. His Directing credits include The Award Winning Films "The Nothing Man" and "The Broken Treehouse" ,  and "Die By the Gun".

Stone Boat Exhausted     -    Michael Higgins

A totemic walkabout through a single cycle of John Moriarty’s DREAMTIME, STONE BOAT EXHAUSTED is a waking nightmare spawned from the id of Dublin City’s decaying industrial zones. The textures and patterns, light and shadows and the very material of sound and image construct an experience that re-realises our cultural past, present and future in one metamorphic breath.

Scumbags from Outer     -     Space Keith Krass

If a mad scientist used John Waters, Steven Spielberg, and Russ Meyer to make a human centipede, and if the person at the end  were to poop out a film, this would be that film.

Force & Honor     -     SoWhat Production

A martial art disciple returns to avenge his master who banished him few years ago. Force & Honor is a short film featuring a martial arts choreography.
Made by French students.

Madhouse Movies Film Festival


Heroes Manufactured     -     Yaron Betan

A documentary about Canadian Independent Comic Artist trying to break into the comic book industry while facing some of Pop Cultures biggest challenges. In the obvious world of Mass Production and celebrity Media craze, we exploit the reality of producing Super Heroes in a market saturated with Artists, Writers, Celebrities, Cosplayer's and everything else the comic-con markets have to offer.

Strange Places      -     Cynthia Bergen

Based on true events about Natalie and Miles relationship  of dependency evolving their addictions.

At One Fell Swoop     -     Michael Higgins

At One Fell Swoop deals with a stone carver and his metamorphic wander through rural Ireland. In passing he slips through the film’s frames into a re-imagining of his surroundings in which he finds himself trapped on an intense cataclastic path towards a dead end.

Parallel      -     Alexander Cooper

When Neil meets Heather it is love at first sight. They enjoy a whirlwind romance and revel in how happiness, until they run into Machlis.   Machlis claims to be amedium who doesn't take on many new clients for a good reason. Heather is fascinated and persuades Neil to go with her to a session with Machlis. Machlis reveals what is unique about his particular gift.

Waterless     -    Marc I. Daniels

A young man becomes afflicted with a disease so rare that there is no record of it anywhere in world history. He is allergic to water. When a special secret research division of the U.S. Government gets wind of this, they aggressively offer to take this man "under their wing" for an indefinite period of time until a cure is found.

Atrapada (Trapped)     -     Javier Noriega

Clara is a woman who has a relationship with Jorge for several years, things she had the perfect relationship, the fairy tale dreamed all her life, but its nature is not a fairy tale. Clara its a witch, a woman who runs the energies and has a level of consciousness higher than most humans. 

Die By the Gun     -     Joey Cassaro

An Epic Low Budget Western Short.

4242     -    Sara Eustaquio

Cristi has just moved to an unknown country, far away from family and friends.  At first, she is happy for the challenge. But soon she begins to question her place in this new world that seems to be a lost town, made of absences, distances, silence and indifference.  '4242' is the story of a young female immigrant, a story of a teenager's anguish who is trying to redefine her identity after being forced to leave home.