Don't Waste A Precious Minute

Marc Greene

They're trapped, desperate and losing track of time. Then one of them is let out of the cage.


Catherine Taylor

Sabine is furious when her grieving father, Dempsey, gets drunk and misses an Ash Wednesday mass. She pushes him to give up drinking for Lent to atone, he happily agrees. He breaks the vow, evoking the wrath of both Sabine and the ROUGAROU, a mythical bayou beast that punishes bad Catholics.

The Summoners

Christian Ackerman

Two girls invite a new friend into their secret game of summoning spirits for the thrill of being possessed.

Bourbon on the Guns

Matthew Tanner  

A man reflects on the final moments before being escorted into the afterlife via train.

Home Care Before Christmas

Viktor Hertz

A dystopian look into the future of home help service.

Undercover Mistress

Giulio Ciancamerla

During a photo show, a man is enjoying scaring a girl until she decides to leave the exhibition. The man runs after her along increasingly dark and isolated streets. A man and a woman. Which one is the dominant genre?

La vie d'un clown

Vira Burmenko

A skilled artist Jacques Pitre sets out on his journey to find employment in the modern Toronto. Being also a clown he is faced with obstacles and judgment from the people and authorities; yet he finds his tribe along his path.


Colby Doler

Nicholas hasn't taken his medication.

In the Darkness of Night

Abolfazl Tajik

In a dark night, in a park, a man experiences  unexpected events that are shocking and unbelievable.

Once upon a dream

Anthony Nion

When Valentin meets Ludivine, he is convinced she's the girl he has been dreaming of for the past weeks... Litteraly, the girl of his dreams ! So he sets out to live it fully. Only, Ludivine has a feeling this boy meet girl scenario will take a nightmarish turn.


Angie Hawes

A young man always remembers his "first time". First time being truthful that is. Watch as he learns a valuable life lesson from his girlfriend.... sometimes it IS best not to tell the truth.

A Movie Set

Eduardo Rufeisen

A reporter with great ambitions is constantly assigned to cover small local stories that are nothing more than silly events disguised as news for ratings sake. His professional goal to cover big news like wars gets further away from him when his producer assigns him to report on a student feature film that cast a faded movie star from the eighties trying a comeback.



Christelle Gras

Modern-day France. Following the outbreak of an unprecedented epidemic, five survivors have been barricaded in an apartment for several months.  As the menace outside grows, they decide to leave the city. As they go in search of themselves, these five broken people will find the strength to survive and fulfill the aspirations that their history and society had not allowed them to reach.


Jacque Cormier

Silence is a ghost horror film that explores fears of helplessness and breaks the confines of the ethereal plane.

Hell's Belles

Christian Ackerman

Inexperienced occult specialists Adria and Helena are called by the sheriff to save a young girl from being kidnapped to Hell by a sadistic sex-crazed demon.

A Real Date

Bonnie Harper

Elizabeth is a recent widow who is lost in her work, running a hospital. With no time to date yet tired of attending events alone, she decides to take steps to at least have a male companion for the evening.

The House of Prey

Cynthia Bergen

A woman who is stranded in the middle of nowhere and has no choice but to seek help from a old mansion that holds a dark secret.

Cart Blanche

Ray Petrolino

A series of food market shopping events is chronicled.


Filippo Gobbato

The androgynous had four hands, four legs and two faces. Their shape and gait was circular, as perfect as the gods who created them.


Nicole Desjardins

All the weapons of the world will never lead to forget us that we are every equals in front of the nature !


Jesper Emborg  

Peter, a self-important guy is waiting at a bench in the park with a velvet box in hand, he's about to propose to his girlfriend Sarah, until, to his utter frustration, his old friend and the town drunk -Dave, turns up.


David Machado

Captured is a short film about a young woman named Beatrice, getting lost on her way home and has a horrific encounter with a dreadful stranger.

​Madhouse Movies Film Festival


Forget Me Not

Andreas Avgousti

Forget Me Not revolves around recently widowed Eliza and her personal journey to self destruction. Buried in guilt, she must fight her own demons while being haunted by a ghost of her past.


Etienne EMENT

Michel, subject to violent hallucinations, must overcome the imminence of death during his extradition flight towards United States. He will face head-front his delusions, the other passengers’ judgment, the firmness of US-law enforcement and the stress of an imminent crash. Way too much for this weak, aging & disturbed man

Bad Luck

Georgia Chioni

Simos, a well known TV Chef, is waiting for his first love, Anna, who he met by accident, to confess his love to her. When he is ready for his "big move", by accident he messes up. Anna gets upset and he, desperate, wishes for a second chance, to make things better.


Danny Malin

Love's in the air for Jane and John. But when their inner-voices get involved, the budding romance looks like it might falter before it even begins.

Computer Man

Brett Smith

Computer Man gives a glimpse into the distant future of 2012, where one man's tragedy is also his redemption... as a computer.

Two Girls, One Cup: A Story of Christmas Past

Turi Haim

The Real Story Behind the Starbucks Red Cup Christmas Controversy.