Roger Sampson

A successful OB/GYN doctor receives creepy text messages from a stranger.

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Mark Gunnion

A young woman and her little brother barely escape the slaughter when their Medieval Scottish fishing village is raided by Vikings - but then must risk their lives to help summon the village's ancient, reptilian guardian from its exile, at the far end of Loch Ness.

97 Pages

Deville - "What Remains"

Henrik Christoffersson

This video was inspired by the classic "Thelma & Louise", where two friends decide to leave their old controlled lives behind in search of something better and more true. I think all people can relate to that feeling, It's just that very few of us really make those desires into reality.

Dirty Winds

Andrew Huggins

A small band of militia get separated from their battalion during the Revolutionary War. They must find their way back while their leader struggles with his family's past. 

13 Pages

Miss Fairy

Naima Chebahi

In a circus show, the blue fairy, godess of glory,  awake to life some freaks and put the spotlights on them. She can create but also can destroy these new stars.


Ed Picard

Mix between poetic urban dance and fight old school video games.

The Real Thing

Adam Welch

Every decision. Every outcome. Which one is real?

In Her Hands

Darnell Darden

In the criminal underbelly of Las Vegas, a broken private eye is in a race against the Mafia as she searching for her brother before the Italian mob finds him.

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Follow an Australian family of four through a surreal-to-us, normal-to-them day (or four-days-in-one).

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Buffalo Summer

Frontier Folk Nebraska

Steven Oder

Frontier Folk Nebraska tours the midwest, hoping summer never ends, in this documentary style music video for Buffalo Summer.

Monster's Ball

Blood & Wine

Adam Burns

Insomnia. A nightmare.  An original music video from the all-girl, Detroit-based band, Blood and Wine.

The Future Force

Ed Vela

A newly formed band of super powered teens must stop two warring alien species from using Earth as their next battlefield.

144 Pages

Madhouse Movies Film Festival



Lost Art

Ivan Borodin

Vladimir is an intense Russian artist. He lives like each day is his last. This sort of recklessness led him to break up with the love of his life, Alison.  Alison has her own troubles. The product of a Hollywood romance, she teeters on the edge of insanity. Vladimir’s abrupt departure pushed her into madness.  

99 Pages

The Ritual

Roger Sampson

A homicide detective is assigned a case surrounding a bizarre string of murders involving Jack-the-Ripper style, butchered prostitues. I in order to catch the killer she will risk everything.

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Annoying Zoran Maslic

A dark song about drug overdose.


Antonello Matarazzo

A path for music and images suspended between narration and experimentation, technology and tribalism. “Ballad of hypochondria (or Vibrio in love)” primarily focuses on symbolic work on the color scheme, with choreography by Hilde Grella and Loguercio’s playback that works sometimes with melodeon player Alessandro D'Alessandro.

The Red Ribbon Murder

Turi Haim

Two people that love each other so much, there's only one way out.

30 Pages

The Mortality Game

Ed Vela

Three unlikely friends, all terminal patients at the same mid-west hospital, decide to embark on one final "last hurrah" road trip across the country, all the while playing a dangerous game of death cheating one-upmanship.

113 Pages

Lilith The Vampire

Jose Padilha

In 1484, a Knight of the Order of the Cross saves a prisoner accused of witchcraft, taking her as his wife. Twelve years later, the knight’s wife discovers a secret book and casts a spell invoking Lilith, who invades the knight’s hut. Lilith kills the knight and transforms the woman into a vampire.

120 Pages


Mark Gunnion

After a fracking drill bit destroys its hidden, underwater nursery, a vengeful, South Texas river monster goes on a rampage against the machines & people threatening it. An oil company scuba diver must risk everything to save his boss when she’s snatched off her fracking rig by the beast.

109 Pages

Halloween Baby

Christopher Darton

Halloween Baby is the maiden project from Skeleton Crew Entertainment a film/video company based out of Southern Ontario Canada. The video, a throwback to the old school mini-movie videos from the glory days of MTV and MUCH Music, is a horror based special effects laden project set on Halloween.


Lukas Pohl

Music video is parody of Christmas, holidays, and other characters, with suggestions of delicious, tasty violence.


Dennis Hemstedt

The Band TÜSN is an Indie-Rock and Electropunk-Pop-Trio from Berlin Germany.

Hell on Earth

Daniel Cook

When all technology fails, humans fall back on their animalistic instincts and the world around us is set into pure chaos.  Survival is paramount, but holding onto humanity is the toughest struggle.

87 Pages


Eli Liebermann

My screenplay is an action thriller called STRATEGO, it's about Don 17 years old  Adopted Teenager and his family that are forced to hide from a crime organization, When the criminals are closing in he must execute  his plan to save his family and fight back.

137 Pages

Fallin´ Free

Stepan Chomjakow

Fallin ' Free is a music video of Breysn , a rock - band from Hamburg, Germany.

the blue room -al-ḥamdu li-llāh

bettina d'mello

Music video interweaves the inquirers inner & outer reality while the process of transformation - escorted by power, spirit, doubt, yielding to temptation: in the vastness of the atlas it encounters singing berbers, curative gnawas, dancing dervish and untamed beings. their incessant musical ecstasy guides him through the doors of perception towards the blue room.