Helena   -   Eric Rippetoe

Ex-spy Helena uses her skills to get revenge on the man who has taken everything she has.

Body Language Zone   -   Kim Saarinen

In four episodes a consultant gives expert advice on body language for the office environment.

The Wave   -   David Menes

Rodriguez From shunshine to sunset. A woman day or a female life trough The great ocean road, Australia.
Blue   -   Lucy Rose A story that explore the complex emotions and consequences of balancing your passion and your daily life.

In All of Space   -   Lucy Rose

This fleeting story is something every one can relate to, loosing love is never easy, whether it be platonic, familial or romantic love. Loosing love is hard, and we always try to pick up the pieces, even if whats broken is gone for good. 

Clean   -   Mike Gillespie

Neat freak Katie, and her slobby fiancé Ben, face their considerable differences as they’re hunted by Katie's haunted robot vacuum cleaner after it sucks up the ashes of a murderer in the wake of a house party.

Dreaming Purple Neon   -   Todd Sheets

A group of trapped survivors must stop the Demon Apocalypse.  Fun, action packed, old school Horror with a Modern edge.

Santa Klawn   -   Jeffrey Lee DuPree

Santa Klawn has a very different present for the naughtiest humans on Christmas day.

The Spectrum   -   Sean MacLaughlin

Quinn MacLaughlin overcame open heart surgery his first week of life, only to overcome another mountain. The Label of Autism. This is a narrative giving voice to one who is told what he isn't. Narrative Documentary treatment waiting for funding following a spectrum child finding his way against the statistical barriers to prove he is rather than the statistics of who he isn't.

Daughter of the Lake  -   Ozlem  Altıngoz  

A group of friends take a trip through the country, hoping to have a nice getaway for the weekend.  But their trips takes a dangerous turn, when their tire mysteriously pops and an old stretch of road through the woods.  They stumble upon an older man's house, and he offers them assistance.  They accept, not knowing his deadly secret is hiding upstairs in her room.  What will happen when his secret escapes, and not even he can control it anymore. 

Bad Men and the Devil   -   Travis Eller

One stormy night in a saloon a few shady men are unaware that Death lurks in the corner.

Redemptions Price   -   Loran Bolding

A prophecy of morality continues through 400 years when Michael finds the woman of his youth. Bewitched by her charms and the promise of mortality, he will stop at nothing to make her his.

Pull Out The Stopper   -   Gary Wronecki

Will he get to the church on time?

Floozy Suzy   -   Otavio Chamorro

Jonas John is willing to do anything to seduce the popular guy in high school. Even using magic from a cursed book. The love potion will solve two problems at once: he will get along with the cool guy and get rid of the girl who torments his life. But will the spell work?

Strangers in a Book   -   Vida Ghaffari

A hip and melancholic Iranian-American woman, Sara, finds a misplaced book in a café.  Intrigued by its contents, but unable to find the owner, she decides to interview the people in the notebook to decipher the identity of the mysterious man.  The strangers whom Sara meets, considered the dregs of society, tell her stories about the enigmatic owner of the book, who is considered both diabolical and kind.  In her relentless pursuit of the ultimate stranger, Sara is thus plunged into the horror of the unknown, where reality merges with art, and where existence itself is questioned.

PIER PAOLO   -   MIguel Angel Barroso

Pier Paolo tells us about Pier Paolo Pasolini’s childhood and youth years, through the main characters of his life: his father Carlo Alberto, with whom he has a difficult love-hatred relationship; his mother, he’ll be very close with until his final days, they even lived together in the same house; his younger brother Guido, who joins the partisans during World War II and ends up murdered under strange circumstances; the delicate romantic and friendship relationship with two women: violinist Pina Kalz, a war refugee, and schoolteacher María, who went steady with him; and his deep infatuation with a peasant boy named Toni, he will keep this friendship throughout his life.  PierPaolo also takes us through the places that so marked his life (Belluno, Casarsa della Delizia, Scandiano, Conegliano, Sacile,  Parma, Idria, Bologna, Versutta…) as since birth, Pasolini, became nomadic due to the moving from city to city, because his father was an army officer and every few months was appointed to new barracks. During those days his fascination for trains started, in the long waiting hours at the station and his love for the region of Friuli, where his mother belonged, that brought the discovery of an archaic and peasant word that boosted his creativity.  PierPaolo guides us inevitably to the scandal that will mark his whole life (Ramuscello) and his escape to Rome along with his mother in pursuit of better times.

Paradise is here   -   Yazan Al Assadi

Paradise is here is a poetic short Documentary about a journey in cameron highlands, Malaysia, It's a true Paradise.

Jewish Blind Date   -   Anaelle Morf

Unhappy in love, Mary Lou decides to reconnect with her religious roots by marrying a practicing Jew. In order to get married, she has to pass the Shidduch test, which will determine whether her life will be a success or failure.

Tepito For Gangster   -   Vladimirsky  Vyacheslav

After sensational murders happened in 1929 in Chicago, on the Valentine’s Day, a well-known crime boss Al Capone formally charged for tax nonpayment and imprisoned. His fellow, gangster Jack MacGurn, hiding from the law in Tepito (Mexico City), wants to help his boss to get rid of the trial and the court.   Gangster finds an unusual way to solve problems with the court and the police, not using guns personally. Meanwhile there were series of murders of high level public officials in Chicago, and Al Capone has been released from the prison.  The police did not find the perpetrators and is confused. 

THE ARCHIPELAGO   -   Benoit Maestre

Martin never wakes up where he falls asleep. Eva meets a man she knew on the internet, a dangerous date. The roamer leaves his life and town and looses himself into the wild. They'll have to deal with the silent warrior that bloods this archipelago…  "The Archipelago" is a dramatic and surreal fantasy, a very independent production made with a micro budget 

4242   -   Sara Eustaquio

Cristi has just moved to an unknown country, far away from family and friends.  At first, she is happy for the challenge. But soon she begins to question her place in this new world that seems to be a lost town, made of absences, distances, silence and indifference.  '4242' is the story of a young female immigrant, a story of a teenager's anguish who is trying to redefine her identity after being forced to leave home.
I Promised   -   Danny Malin

Bound by a promise he refuses to break, a timid man is unable to escape his toxic relationship and begins to lose himself along with his family.  This is a true story based on the psychological abuse men face in relationships, ones that most men are afraid to share with anyone.  The message is also to be very clear that most people are not care takers, and taking care of someone who has an illness, is a very tough challenge.

Here Lies in the afterlife   -   Pascal Bouchard

A funeral, the celebration of a lifetime.  Granny is gone. Here we are before the great mystery of death, the physical death, inevitable passage we all live one day. 

The Burrow   -   Chloé Galibert-Laîné

Odile lives alone. Afraid that someone might enter her flat when she's not at home, she enters a video surveillance on-line community, in the hope that users will keep an eye on her apartment and inform her in case of unexpected intrusion. And the intrusion happens: dark smudges appear on the walls. Furious, she decides to leave the community. While she tries to fight against infiltrations, she realizes that she is still on watch...

Migration   -   Joanne Chao

This story is a hint about the competition and the evolution of life and the key elements of story is the convey life filter evolution process. The Main characters of elders symbolize the survivals and big worm indicates threats of the environment. Whale represents the evolution of life, also with a bit of luck and the fittest to survive. However, we don’t know eternal and won’t become forever, we cloud change to become a better person.

Le Cirque Mentale    -   Maria Gagas

An introverted and socially awkward 18-year-old Macy has had frequent carnival dreams for years that serve as her social escape. The dreams are led by the suave and manipulative Ring Master, who always puts Macy in the spotlight in her dreams. When her cousin Sam suggests she seek counseling because of how strange the dreams can be, she visits Peter the peer counselor.  As her and Peter work on altering and eliminating the dreams, they take a darker turn to fight for their existence. The Ring Master proposes for Macy to perform in a dangerous grand finale, which leads to parallel consequences in the real world.  

Balloon Ride   -   Evan Hughes

The story follows a young boy who is part of a dysfunctional family. He and his mother are victims of domestic violence inflicted by the father. The boy dreams of escaping with his mother, only to wake up to a tragic reality.

Hell on Earth   -   Daniel Cook

When all technology fails, humans fall back on their animalistic instincts and the world around us is set into pure chaos.  Survival is paramount, but holding onto humanity is the toughest struggle.

Cellular Memories   -   Robert Lyons

Experimental animation using the same hand painted 35mm film footage two different ways, once digitized full frame and a second time photographed through a digital microscope, connecting the micro and the macro worlds in an abstract composition of animated visual music created with my Pratt Experimental Animation students in 2016. 

Body Language Zone   -   Kim Saarinen

In four episodes a consultant gives expert advice on body language for the office environment.

SAVE   -   Iván Sáinz-Pardo

Dawn. A baby breaks the silence .

The Middle Finger   -   Séamus Hanly

Dennis, a lonely and frustrated teenager, is reluctantly transformed into a superhero, embedded with the symbol of a hand showing its middle finger, and must awkwardly endure his training and save his world from extinction in this superhero parody.

Morning Coffee   -   Tracy Miller-Robbins

Peering into one’s coffee, time moves in a different way. Part dream, part daydream while one gains consciousness.

Hell's Belles  -  Christian Ackerman 

Inexperienced occult specialists Adria and Helena are called by the sheriff to save a young girl from being kidnapped to Hell by a sadistic sex-crazed demon.

Big Boy   -   Yuri Solodov

The boy turns 6. His father for the first time sends him to the store to buy bread. The boy will receive his birthday present, a camera, as long as he completes this mission. In order to prove that he has grown up, the boy decides to take up this challenge. But he has to face many difficulties in the itinerary. Will the boy pass the test?

Itsy Bitsy  -   Lisa & JuJu Kusanagi

According to research, there are 9 different types of intelligence; naturalistic, musical, logical-mathematical, existential, interpersonal, bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic, intra-personal, and spatial. Kusanagi Sisters question alternative types of intelligence not previously defined. They reject colonization of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy in order to think and create freely.

Knockers   -   Naima Chebahi

When Sitcom caracters must fight horror movies monsters 80's. Like every saturday evening, Lisa and Friends want to get out. But something behind the door wants to get in....

Big Time Music   -   Andy Bosnak

Jake is a kindhearted, humble musician forced to regain his confidence and happiness while dealing with a goofy, arrogant music producer at Big Time Music Studio.

Last Drive   -   Hardikkumar Patel

Consumed with guilt over a drunken hit and run incident, Dev turns to the bottle in an attempt to find relief from his own conscience. In a state of grief, fueled by inebriated insomnia, Dev is haunted by the ghost of his teenage victim, who lures him back to the scene of her accident.

Speed Dating   -   Stefanie Davis

Brooke takes Traci to a speed dating event after a plea from her mother to end her single ways. The ladies discover the dating scene is not what it seems.

RESET   -   Christelle Gras

Modern-day France. Following the outbreak of an unprecedented epidemic, five survivors have been barricaded in an apartment for several months.  As the menace outside grows, they decide to leave the city. As they go in search of themselves, these five broken people will find the strength to survive and fulfill the aspirations that their history and society had not allowed them to reach.

Pechorin   -   Roman Khrushch

Based on the Russian classic Mikhail Lermontov novel “The Hero of Our Time”.  All events shown as they are reflected in the mind of the dying hero, as a series of irrevocable mistakes and interpreted anew: it is either reconsideration or repentance. Recollections make main hero torment himself over his own past pretenses that seem ridicules now agonize and despair over his perfect indifference to everything except himself, see the horrible aspect of killing his friend, a greenhorn and a show-off. The final action of an intelligent and outstanding man is judging oneself without mercy.

Fallen Redemption   -   Matthew Sexton

Two physically and emotionally abused brothers grow up to carry the burden of their childhood secret. Brody, the oldest, promised to always take care of his kid brother Ralph. As adults, the effects linger on as Brody and Ralph's relationship amounts to twisted sadistic acts. 

Crime Confidential   -   Julian Lim

Detective Vincent goes a secret mission to discover a mole. Officer Alvin express their deepest condolences for the loss of Vincent’s loyal companion on the field by the hands of the traitor.  Officer Alvin and his henchman to enter the house and prove themselves hostile to Kelly. After not being able to retrieve the  secret documents, Alvin commands his henchman to sexually assault and assassinate Kelly.  On his way back, Vincent sees his wife’s lifeless, battered body in the living room.  Alvin invites him to the final confrontation. A fierce fight takes place and both are left weak and bruised. Ultimately, Vincent manages to restrain him until he’s unconscious. Vincent avoids killing Alvin and leaves it to the Police Force to decide his fate.  30 years pass: old Vincent revisiting his memories of his Wife Kelly and Ken, with hopes that this sorrowful event may not occur to anyone else again.

April Fool's Day   -   Apostolis Iliopoulos

The life of a scavenger changes when he finds a book in the trash

43   -   Adrian Rodriguez

Julian and Marcos are part of the 43 students that gone missing in Ayotzinapa, Mexico. Gonzalez, leader of the Police threatens their lives. Would they be able to escape and save themselves before being murdered?

Cuerdas   -   Pedro Solís García

María’s routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.

May I Dance ?   -   Vasco Diogo

May I dance ? is a short video-dance piece based on the recording of ordinary movements that were not previously rehearsed nor based on an existing music. The impossible choreography was constructed by a multi-track chroma editing process, fragmenting the performer's identity. It is influenced by noise, punk, hip-hop, glam disco and a desire to experiment an aesthetics of failure. It is intended to be shown both as an installation and a single channel experimental film.

The Future Force   -   Ed Vela

A newly formed band of super powered teens must stop two warring alien species from using Earth as their next battlefield.

The Mortality Game   -   Ed Vela

Three unlikely friends, all terminal patients at the same mid-west hospital, decide to embark on one final "last hurrah" road trip across the country, all the while playing a dangerous game of death cheating one-upmanship.

Solitude   -   Joris Donvil

A father and daughter trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world. One day the father leaves their barricaded house in search for food and water... But he never returns...  The daughter slowly goes in a downwards spiral of madness.

The Pit   -   Filip Kilián

American medic is injured in combat. Due to his survival in No man's land he is forced to seek shelter in the pit. But he's not alone in there...

ROMA: The Silent Film   -   Adam Gonzalez

Josh, an aspiring pianist, falls in love with a theater dancer named Roma, but their relationship is challenged by her ex-fiancé Dean, a vigilant womanizer. This modern day silent film is carried by instrumental music of various genres while keeping to the classic look of black and white cinema.

Vegetarian Zombies   -   Dante Pappano

A dad tries to engender enthusiasm in his kids about a real zombie apocalypse, even though they are only after vegetables.

Ghost Nets   -   Mark Bousfield

Two estranged brothers decide to try and repair their relationship when their father dies, they take a trip to a wilderness beach in search of peace.  What they find there is anything but peaceful.

Dirty Winds   -   Andrew Huggins

A small band of militia get separated from their battalion during the Revolutionary War. They must find their way back while their leader struggles with his family's past. 

The Skewed House   -   Ömer Kaçar

Through the lens of interpersonal relationships, "The Skewed House" examines the society’s recently increased feelings of insecurity and fear towards the “outside”.

TEMPESTS - Essay on a Rehearsal   -   Uli Decker

A documentary essay about a text that penetrates lives and lives that penetrate a text.  In September 2015 teatro GRIOT - a theatre company based in Lisbon, whose actors are mostly Afro-descendants - started to rehearse Shakespeare's "The Tempest" with acclaimed director Bruno Bravo in a little coastal village. Starting with the first rehearsals the film explores Shakespeare's text and the actors' biographies, between the play and the landscape and brings up topics such as memories, home, emigration and colonialism. A complex mosaic of multiple voices. 

The Barking Spider (feature)   -   Roberrt Gately

The Barking Spider (short)   -   Robert Gately

For some, The Barking Spider is a rare sort of story that entertains, inspires and captures the love of humanity, maybe at a time when the thoughts of the dignity of mankind are at an all-time low.  Meet Lana, a high school track star about to run the most important race of her young career. As she prepares for the race, she reflects on the hardships of her childhood, and the love of the grandfather who guided her to this point in life. Sixteen years earlier Lana’s mother, Dixie, stands on her father Joe’s doorstep – nine months pregnant with Lana in her belly, and strung out on drugs. Joe’s grieving the loss of his wife, a Nana Lana never knew, and he’s full of guilt for never taking his wife on her dream trip to Paris. Money issues always seemed to get in the way. And he’s in no condition to host a wayward child. More to the point, Dixie’s in no condition to raise a child, either, even if she were willing. After Lana’s born, Dixie’s substance abuse problems worsens until she’s arrested and sent to prison, leaving a reluctant Joe with his infant granddaughter. He sues for custody of the child, and sets out to raise her alone. What follows is a deeply moving story told in flashback – Joe and Lana growing older together, facing the simple pleasures and heartaches of life, all the way to the finish line: with more than a few “hurdles” along the way. Joe introduces Lana to the trees, the birds, and the wind, everything there is to see and feel. She learns the value of ‘twinkle thinking’ and cherishes heroes like ‘Thing One’ and ‘Thing Two’ who help her grow up. He nurses her through a terrible sickness, and saves her life when she chokes on a coin.   He learns the value of parenting late in life as he tutors her during their evening meals. She takes dance classes, plays basketball and runs track, and Joe sees to it that there are more to these activities than just developing a talent. Life’s lessons are found in everything she does. Even when she farts, there’s humor in blaming the barking spider.   In return, Joe’s life becomes full of love and hope, and it doesn’t matter that his retirement fund keeps falling. Money, all of a sudden, doesn’t have the same meaning as it did in the past. But the new company signs a 10 picture movie deal with Disney and he becomes a multi-millionaire in the process. Just when he learns of his good fortune, as fate would have it, he has a stroke and becomes paralyzed and unable to talk right, or take care of himself.   Dixie comes back into the picture and files for custody of Joe – or more to the point, custody of the new multi-million dollar estate. Lana, now 16, faces the problem head on and after a failed attempt to get custody of Joe herself, she takes him to Paris for the trip he never got to take. She also finds a doctor in France who, as it turns out, may just find the treatment Joe needs to declare himself independent, the very quality he has valiantly taught Lana, our real hero, who adds a new meaning to the adage all’s well that ends well.

Destroy Madrid   -   Joseba Alfaro

Madrid, 2030. In a world ravaged by the fight between goverments and citizens, one member of the resistance has got a mysterious device that can finally end the war. Will he escape from the drones that guard the city?  Destroy Madrid is a collaborative project made with no grants and no external funding. It's an action/sci-fi/political short film that at the same time, works as a proof-of-concept that is expected to be explored in a feature film, which screenplay I am writting.  

BEREAVEMENT   -   Yolanda Román

A child loses his pet because it is traveling to a place where it can be cured.  A man watches his wife is battling the bull she cannot tame.  A couple throw in the towel because their fight will never end. And the three stories share the same end... A time of bereavement.   

Two tickets to Heaven   -   Serge Darowski

Two scientists, the historian Alexander Yarovoy and the physicist Alexander Granin, accidentally find photos which show gravestones with suspicious dates of life. Friends go to Northern Romania to investigate this case. None of them expected to face mortal danger proceeding from ghosts, which revenge more than 500 years against the living for their death.

Gold Mountain   -   Kerwin Berk

Two Asian American police detectives investigate a series of grisly murders as a looming war between an old Chinese "family" and the Russian mafia threatens to tear apart San Francisco's Chinatown. Featuring Henry Lee, Ryan Takemiya, Sandra Young and Danton Mew. NOTE: These are the first three episodes of our web series. We can provide a video that meets your time limits. Thanks for your consideration ...

Legacy   -   Gudmund Sand

Legacy is about the old tradition of pilot-whale hunting on the Faroe Island. There exists record from the hunt since 1584, and this hunt have been a part of colouring the sea and culture on this small archipelago. Trough one summer we follow three people: A whale-hunter, fisherman and a musician. Faroe Island is where old traditions meet the present and the new generation is emerging. 

Blockbuster - A Life in Moving Pictures   -   Vlado Priborsky

This is the life story of Vlado, born behind the Iron Curtain in Kuřim, in the former Czechoslovakia. When he is 12 years old his parents decide to move to Vienna. What follows is the discovery of a whole new world, the world of movies. Soon young Vlado’s passion for films results in his own short films. And from the beginning at the back of his mind, the desire to someday make a feature film …

The Red Oak   -   Dustin  Ardine

Dr. Rahal, a psychiatrist, tries to overcome his own psychopathic ideologies, and demons, which have developed over time after years of dealing with numerous mentally-challenged patients at a mental asylum he worked in.

Haunted   -   Andrew Kosarko

A young horror nerd signs up for the ultimate Halloween Trail that either blurs the line between real and fake scares or is actually murdering it's patrons...

Interception   -   Jesper Emborg  

Peter, a self-important guy is waiting at a bench in the park with a velvet box in hand, he's about to propose to his girlfriend Sarah, until, to his utter frustration, his old friend and the town drunk -Dave, turns up. 

The Cart   -   Daryl Schmidt

When a dilapidated city is overrun by a vicious street gang, an unlikely hero rises to wage war and bring the gang to justice.

The great adventure of Manel and the Magic Toothpicks   -   Xavier Pijuan

Manel, a spoiled kid, receives a miserable toothpick box for his birthday instead of his expected PS4. However, this apparently stupid present will end up being the best present he has ever received.

Sushi Lola's   -   Rachel Betts

A documentary with the restaurant's owners discussing this hidden treasure which serves authentic and delicious Korean and Japanese cuisines.

Mr. Windy   -   Rachel Betts

A man journeys to increase his education through music and filmmaking at a prestigious university.  But is faced with repeated  devastating challenges while on campus, throughout that journey. 

Cadeby   -   David Keogh

When Vikings invade the village of Cadeby a small band of desperately unprepared people must defend it or lose everything.   A cross between Zulu, The Magnificent Seven, Assault on Prescinct Thirteen and Braveheart, set in the Post Roman British Dark Ages at the times of early Viking incursions along the coast.  A love story, an adventure story and a war film rolled into one.  The tension builds throughout the piece as the Vikings close in on Cadeby, a real fifth century village populated mainly by the elderly and the infirm.  They must defend the village from the Vikings to stop them from travelling south and wiping out all of the villages along the coast.    One man, Faelan, with the help of an unlikely and unprepared band of heroes stands in the way of the invaders. Can he persuade the villagers to defend themselves or will they just become another slaughtered village?  This works as a series of short films, a mini series, a full length series or a movie - this being the movie version.A story of tragedy, loss, love and what people will do when the odds are stacked against them.

PROOF   -   Andrea Baglio

The story talks about a simple employee, Giorgio Parti. One day during his working hours, Giorgio was lured by his busty colleague. He stays faithful to his girlfriend, and decides to denounce the woman for sexual harassment. From this moment on, starts a long legal and psychological ordeal that will cast doubts on private and sexual life of our protagonist.  Inspired by true events.

The Box   -   Merve Cirisoglu Cotur

The happy life of a Syrian kid alters instantly with the sudden war and he finds himself in a state of struggle. The war changes not only lives, but also the role of his box; first as a carefully built toy house, then as a place to take shelter in a refugee camp with full of dangers and finally as a boat that sails for a journey towards hope.

LOOP   -   William McClung

With nearly 500 hours of video uploaded to the Internet every minute competing for their share of 4 billion video views each day, the dream of instant fame becomes a deadly nightmare for a group of young people eager create the next viral sensation.  A dark, desolate hallway in the bowels of a decrepit building echo with the approaching screams of a woman fighting for her life. A huge, "Beast" of a man steps from the shadows dragging the nearly naked young woman by her hair. Stumbling and nearly tripping over them, "Skinny," armed with a small video camera, films the woman's torment as she is dragged, choked, and then finally thrown and locked in a small room behind a heavy steel door.  Broadcast through the wide lens of a security camera mounted above her, the terrified woman's screams for help echo and mock her until she finally tires and slumps to the filth of the floor.  The outside world logs-on to watch what will happen next, no one realizing that what they've set in motion is far darker and more dangerous than anything they could have dreamt up.  The intensity and horror of LOOP comes from both the blistering pace and performances of the actors, and that we know the themes drive much of the world we now live in; the global obsession with fame and the viral nature of actions on the Internet we set in motion and can't control.

69 Tears   -   Jacqueline Skyler 

A "Natural Born Killers" but with two female lovers, we discover just how much punishment the human psyche can take before it shatters!

I Don't Like Her   -   Javad Daraei

Eli has been involved in a personality dualism and regardless of her constant disagreemets with here fathr'she stil seeks her true nature.

Mamma   -   Gonzalo Cotelo

A young woman finds herself trapped in the middle of a gang turf war when she witnesses a murder.

Never Finished: Explorations at the Finnish   -   Megan Lowe

A girl. Some stairs. Some railings. A door. It's frame. A wall. A ledge. The floor. Some grates. A bench. A window. Curtains...  "Never Finished: Explorations at the Finnish" is a truly inventive, site-specific exploration that is sensuous, full of texture and trickiness rooted in weight and elasticity, expanding perspective on the infinite ways a person can interact with the space around them.  Crawl through and explore with the dancer, indulge in gravity defying/gravity defining feats, witness tender moments of connection, and watch a space come to life.

Lurna   -   Nani Matos

Lurna is a young African woman who dreams about having a better life. One day she sets off with the hope and expectation of fulfilling her dream. What Lurna doesn't know is that she will soon wish to go back. 

Banalities   -   Rafael de Andrade

Betrayed and arrears, Jorge deducts all your anger at the bricklayer working at his home. However, at times, banal decisions have unexpected consequences.

Unreal Estate   -   Oksana Tkatchouk

Real estate agent Angie tries to sell an upmarket house to a young couple, the Pinktons. The house has a dark past: its previous owners were murdered in it. Angie has to disclose the facts but to her surprise the Pinktons are more than happy to purchase the property.

Sustainable Futures: Survivor Girls   -   Nicole Watson

Sustainable Futures: Survivor Girls documents the impact of a solar energy and water filtration system that has been donated to a trafficking rescue shelter in Kolkata, India for underage girls. It parallels their rehabilitation and inspiring stories with the set-up and implementation of the solar energy. 

Resurrection Time Conspiracy   -   James Carroll

It seems like an innocent research project when the Institute of Learning employs the greatest minds across the world to create a matter transfer machine.   But the institute is really a covert organization funded by Islamic Extremists and the matter transfer machine is being created as a GPS bomb delivery system.  When the youngest geniuses’ discover matter transfer, they also discover time travel and the true intentions of the institute.  Ram Goldstein, the brightest teen, is forced to complete to project or watch all his love ones die.    The Terrorists go on a mission to commit the ultimate Jihad.  They travel back in time to kill Jesus before he can be crucified and prove that he is not God.  The teens are the world’s only hope as they must adventure back in time and to avert the catastrophe, before the new time continuum overwrites itself.  The teens arrive in 33 AD, with assassins hot on their tails.  Trapped in the past the teens must interact with Biblical characters to defeat the assassins, restore the time continuum, save Jesus, and try to find a way back to whatever future awaits them.    

Dirty Roses   -   Petra Terzi

"Dirty Roses" is a humanitarian docudrama and deals with the power of the soul of the disabled persons and individuals or families who came from the Arab world in Greece as war or economic or political refugees. Two extreme marginalized groups with the most helpless victims, the one of the countries of the third world with racial and ethnic minorities, and the second one is often socially degraded. Their common field is the hope, their love to dream and their struggle to live in freedom, the triptych of the motto "that which does not kill us makes us stronger"! The heroes of the short film, Nana the Greek handicapped girl, Hassan the red roses' seller and Mirage an Iranian refugee, are not professional actors and they impersonate themselves. Several Afghani people who live with their children in a Greek camp appear in the film. Efi Nichoriti made the adaptation of the monologue from Robert Schneider's theatrical play, "Dirt".

Avalon Park   -   Luke Sawle

Avalon Park is the story of loss of innocence and the journey into fear. Two teenagers come face to face with death in the form of a dead stranger in the middle of nowhere. Their personal morals and lives are brought into questioning in an awakening of self doubt, adulthood and ultimately friendship.

The Madame in Black   -   Jarno Vinsencius

After playing the infamous urban legend game "Madame in Black", Alex and his sister, Emma, experience the wrath of the evil witch Madame in Black. 

Hope   -   Adam Losurdo

A senseless wandering ghoul roaming through a world of the hunger-less undead and accepting yet resentful humans will soon discover a craving that leaves him completely and utterly without hope.   Like the rest of his kind, Karl turned into a senseless ghoul after a mysterious disease that struck living humans of the modern world. While most people went about their everyday lives after some time, some that witnessed the change became hostile towards the infected without facing any consequences from the timid zombies themselves until... all hope was gone.

Talibés. Slave children in West Africa   -   Marc Vila Serra

"Talibés" are West African children aged between 4 and 14 years old who have been given by their parents -usually farmers without resources- to Koranic school teachers, who enslave and force them to beg on the streets.

Postpartum   -   Richard Bakewell

Since the first day her child was born Alice Westcott has been given instructions by the devil to kill her children. She is ultimately sent to a state facility to evaluate her mental health as she is to blame for their death. Alice sees her dead children in her dreams and reality, and can no longer differentiate between the two. The staff learns that Alice has been concealing a secret, her five month pregnancy. When they threaten to take the baby away from her, Alice vows to protect her unborn from those who wish to bring her baby harm.

The Letter   -   Simon Tonev T

he weather storms around you, and your friends falls down to the wet, frozen ground as dead meat, what do you do? It explodes all around you, and you are surrounded by beastly, hostile soldiers. It all happens in front of your eyes, in a world based on hate and pure evilness. Blinded by hatred and anger, the only key to win such a war, is slaughter. But deep inside, whispers a familiar voice. A voice of hope and love. We follow a soldier’s story in this brutal world, and somewhere in this world, someone is waiting for him.

Lilith The Vampire   -   jose padilha

In 1484, in Germany, after travel to the Carpathian Mountains, in Church’s default of appearance, a Knight of the Order of the Cross saves a woman, a prisoner accused of witchcraft, taking her as his wife. Twelve years later, the knight’s wife discovers a secret book and makes a spellcasting invoking Lilith. Lilith invades the knight’s hut; Lilith kills the knight and transforms the woman on Vampire. Lilith and the woman become lovers. They cross six centuries and several continents, liberating and transforming other women in vampires. Finally in 2016 in New York City, they fight a battle with the descendants of the Order of the Cross’ Knights.

Cruise Control   -   Asha Chai-Chang

Paul Blue is almost thirty-years old and doesn't have the freedom to explore new aspects of his life. Are there truly obstacles in his way? Or is he his own road block?

History of a House   -   Inês Costa

"History of a House" tells the story of Isabel, a woman who has always lived in that house. The film begins when she was a little girl, where several important moments are portrayed, until she is a teenager, a woman, and finally, a old lady. With just a few words, the house follows the entire growth and the lifetime of Isabel.  However, Isabel, who is now elderly, gets really ill. Isabel does not want, in any way, go to a nursing home, and as she has no husband or children to take care of her, she goes to the only nephew, an immature, irresponsible boy, Jorge. He's a boy in the "flower of his youth", nothing else matters to him unless the parties, drinking and friends, however, he will take care of his aunt the best he knowes. 

Annual Review   -   Peter Kane

On the day of his annual review, Terry takes matters into his own hands when a meeting with his manager doesn’t go as planned.

Computer Man   -   Brett Smith

Computer Man gives a glimpse into the distant future of 2012, where one man's tragedy is also his redemption...as a computer. 

Living Idle   -   Ramana.PMV

Living Idle is a symbolic short film that reflects actions have consequences.   This is the story of an artist - a creative sculptor of idols,  that puts life and colour into clusters of mud and clay.  Ironically, he fails to add colour to his own creation- his world, his family, his child.   The narrative revolves around how a creation of the sculptor- an idol of Goddess Durga punishes him (by rendering him indisposed and idle),  when he crosses all limits of abuse and shows him a life of yearning.  The film concludes with a deep dawn of realisation - of how a single action-  takes away from him his ability to be a prolific sculptor-  that of clay and stone and that of his child's future.   The film is embedded with contrasting symbolism, as aptly reflected in its title,  most strongly that of the strength of a woman, of a mother, which is -  representative in Goddess Durga's rendition of 'Good over Evil'.

THE POST CARD   -   kamal buddha

When Ramasamy’s wife (Latha), urges him to write a letter to his friend Murugesan and get back the money borrowed by him. Ramasamy is little reluctant thinking that his twenty years of friendship will be at stake.   Inspite of that, Latha sends the post card and it gets to Pandi (a cycle shop owner) by mistake. The post card travels through the life of all other characters as well (which includes Dhiya -postman’s daughter) making an impact, which forms the crux of the story. 

The Absurd Research Institution   -   Terezia Kontova 

The Absurd Research Institution Team design the absurd research projects for the Department of Absurdity.

Zephyr   -   Liam O'Connor-Genereaux

​​It's summer in New England and April just turned 18. Her ​big ​plans include throwing her songwriting book in a car and flooring it. ​However, this birthday​ it​ looks like ​she​'ll be​ watching punk-rock has-beens at her local high school.

Mama Don't Give Up -   Gwenael Bertaut

Mama don't give up is a comtemplative music video for a world music artist called Christine Salem. It is highly melancholic in term of art direction and composition.

Spinning Wheel (Ashlee K Thomas)   -   Steven Knapp

An unlikely collaboration between a filmmaker and a musician brought on by their anger towards the third band member's ego and narcissism. The footage was shot over the course of four years all over the world. This is the video to that song that finally broke up the band.

I'LL WALK WITH GOD   -   Ian Woodward

A musical drama about a former opera star from America for whom La Bohème and My Fair Lady could not feed his God-given spirituality. His father’s homeland has taken him and his family to England – and to the priesthood. But the trendy, go-getting Rev Jim Watson will always sing.

Nameless Lands   -   Lucie Moreau

Way down I'm leaning back against the world I knew.

Epilogue to the Death of Faun  

-   J. Alberto Andrés Lacasta

This Epilogue puts an end to the dominance of a decadent "Faun surviving on nature". Now chaotic and dry,  his entourage, forest creatures succumb between gasps, surrounded by plastic, scrap metal and dirt unbreathable.

The King   -   Sean MacLaughlin

No matter how optimistic you are- sometimes Life won't give you a break.  Meet Nick- this hasn't been his week.


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Father   -   Alexander Dannhauser

Based on a real story, this music video tells the tragic tale of the distant relationship between father and son. Even though he is a great inventor who has achieved a lot, he doesn't dare to make contact because he feels like his son wouldn't need him.

CITY   -   Daniel Hernández

Is the city and their constant frenzy hit us at the face, and our friends who rescue us. The art and music our exhaust valve.

We Out (Mark Law Vinci)  -   Kyle Crowder  

Music Video for the featured son "We Out" by Mark Law Vinci.


Lovers   -   Daniel Prypchan

‘Lovers’ is an original song about unfulfilled desire and the pain of unrequited love. When one partner wants more than a physical connection, how can he say adios to his dream come true?

Vicious Minds Project   -   Michaël Resin

Betrayed by his best friend, Michael decides to take revenge by calling the strengths of the darkness.